“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…

It is the mission of Pastor Mickey and Freedom Ministries to fulfill the Great Commission: To Go to All the World and Preach the Gospel and “make disciples.”

It is our passion to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and then to teach them how to grow in a real and intimate life of fellowship with Him. Freedom Ministries has a television outreach on two stations going into five states (WJDW TV21 and WLFG TV/Living Faith Ministries). Viewing time for WLFG, Tuesdays 5:30 P.M. and WJDW TV21 on Monday’s 10:00 P.M.
Pastor Mickey also air his program on VTN. Velugu Television Network is a Christ-Centered Channel that allows the gospel to be preached in Southern India and now through out North America, United Kingdom, Europe & Asia. The program airs every Tuesday thru Sunday 7:00 AM & PM
Every Monday at 9:30 AM & PM. You can watch online at www.velugutv.com

We have both a CD & DVD ministry/outreach that is growing through Christ daily. The ministry also gives large quantities of the CD messages to people in the community who are need of hearing God’s word, as well as to the local businesses every week(free). We have seen a great response to these outreaches as well as many souls saved through this outreach ministry.

CD’s of the messages are available for a donation of $7.00 per CD (this includes shipping & handling). DVD’s are available for a donation of $10.00(this includes shipping and handling).

Please mail or email your requests for CD’s and/or DVD’s.
We accept check, money order, PayPal.  Information on side bar please include your name and shipping address if requesting CD/DVD’s by check or money order.  *Include name of CD/DVD you would like to purchase*